Worksheet: No-effort character sheet REVAMPED!

No-Effort Character Sheet REVAMPED (Free download from Gumroad) I was gonna schedule this post but I'm too fuckin pumped for this to see the light ok? Ok. My friends, you might remember the No-Effort Character Sheet For Lazy Writers Like You And Me that I made back in the day. Well. Now I made a... Continue Reading →

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Review: Unkilted by Erin O’Quinn

Woo, two reviews in a week? I'm on fire! Well, I was reading these two books simultaneously, so I finished them at around the same time. Anyways, Unkilted! I found this book through the author in a Facebook group for LGBT Writers, and okay, I wasn't convinced at first, but something about the description got... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Monday 7/01/19

Their hair was born dirt blonde, but Angel had always preferred to bleach it pearl-white. That worked in their favor when, covered in a white fur overcoat and their own unruly mane, they tiptoed out into the snow in the middle of the night. The cage had been open and so was their window; they... Continue Reading →

Ten Pieces To Write About

Yup, no lyrics today. Just instrumental pieces. Roll a d10 (or generate a random number from 1 to 10). Compare it with the list below and listen to the piece. Preferably with big comfy headphones, and preferably with your eyes closed while doing nothing else, but maybe you're time-crunched. Write something based on the piece.... Continue Reading →

Worksheet: POV Writing

POV Worksheet - Download Here's a nice little worksheet useful when writing multiple POVs. Fill one out for each character with a POV, and keep them handy when writing them! Also useful for writing their dialogue and thoughts. Happy writing!

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