Worksheet: No-effort character sheet REVAMPED!

No-Effort Character Sheet REVAMPED (Free download from Gumroad) I was gonna schedule this post but I'm too fuckin pumped for this to see the light ok? Ok. My friends, you might remember the No-Effort Character Sheet For Lazy Writers Like You And Me that I made back in the day. Well. Now I made a... Continue Reading →

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Ten Lyrics To Write About – Benjamin Clementine edition

I have my girl to thank for introducing this artist to me, and I think everyone should know about him. You know the drill. Roll a d10 (or generate a random number from 1 to 10). Compare it with the list below. Write something based on the result! You don't actually have to have heard the... Continue Reading →

Silenci Blog Tour Sign-Ups Open!

Hello friends! You may know that my debut novella, Silenci, comes out this May 1st. In celebration and promotion, the two weeks before its release, I'll be conducting a blog tour. And I'm inviting you, fellow blogger, to take part in it! If you haven't read my previous blog post about Silenci, here's some things... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Monday 20/01/19

He used to wear all black. Not for any particular reason, it was just a practical color. Less prone to stains. And in his line of work, stains were common. He wasn't there anymore. He figured it was time to finally spread his wings and get a job that wasn't in his father's business, wasn't... Continue Reading →

Review: Unkilted by Erin O’Quinn

Woo, two reviews in a week? I'm on fire! Well, I was reading these two books simultaneously, so I finished them at around the same time. Anyways, Unkilted! I found this book through the author in a Facebook group for LGBT Writers, and okay, I wasn't convinced at first, but something about the description got... Continue Reading →

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