R. M. Sayan is a writer, sometimes illustrator, amateur photographer, avid tabletop gamer, studious filmmaker, tattoo aficionado, and a constant work in progress. Often referred to as just Robb, they can often be found ranting about assorted fandoms on twitter, swooning over their beautiful partner, and being overdramatic. They like to dabble in many genres, from historical fiction to urban fantasy, from dystopian sci-fi to weird west, but always sneaking queerness somewhere in there.

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Abadosos is twice cursed; first by werewolves, then by silence. When Joaquím is attacked and can’t find any bite mark, he doesn’t know who to turn to. Until a friend he thought he’d lost nurses him back to health.

A short, slow-burn, historical fantasy, m/m romance.

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The Rite of Movement

Genres: fairytale, historical fantasy, slow-burn romance
Romance: cis m/m
Length: 15,000 words
Content warnings: past abuse, past character death, witch hunts, slurs against Roma and Sinti people

Read online (AO3)

Stay tuned for the illustrated version!

Neptune’s Rain Cuts Like Diamonds

Genres: modern fantasy, Greek/Roman myth
Romance: cis f/f
1,200 words
Content warnings: 
major character death, ambiguous ending

Read online (Wattpad)

In the Ocean’s Embrace

Genres: fantasy, mythological
Romance: implied m/nb (impersonation of the ocean)
1,900 words
Content warnings: 
major character death, ambiguous ending

Read online (Wattpad)